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Have you ever felt that your eyelashes are thin or short in length?

Have you got tired of applying mascara each time you have to go out? We are sure that you would have been facing all the eyelash issues and wishing was the only thing you could do. But now you need not to blame your luck, we are here for you to provide the most luscious natural eyelashes. If you are going out daily then it’s very essential for you to keep your eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows groomed. Region of eyes is the first thing people notice, and definitely you don’t want shallow eyes to present you!

“Eyelash Extensions and Booming Features”
Eyelash extensions are made up of light, soft and flexible synthetic fibers; these are applied on your natural lashes with the high quality adhesive material. An amazing feature of eyelash extension is that they are found in various lengths, fullness, thickness and other enhancements which are according to customer’s demand. There are two kinds of eyelash extensions, one is the temporary and the other is semi-permanent extensions. We are providing semi-permanent extensions which last longer and they will remain nourished and filled, if you visit frequently for touch-ups. Another marvelous feature of eyelash extensions is that these do not wear off while swimming, showering or sleeping. They will not make you feel inconvenient and you will not feel them as something artificial. While applying the extension, great care is taken that the lash and the glue do not touch the eyelid because they can cause irritation and watering of the eye. The bond is strong enough to last until the lashes naturally fall out. There is an array of eyelashes sets, and the popular styles include doll lashes, cat-eye lashes which are longer in length and higher in number.

What we offer

    • Classic Eyelash Extensions
    • Volume Eyelash Extensions
    • Natural Eyelash Extensions
    • Eyelash Touchup/Fill
    • Eyebrow Shaping
    • Airbrush Makeup

At San Diego Eyelash Extensions we believe you can “Be your own kind of  beautiful”