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I’m Olga Villarreal, award-winning Master Lash Artist, eyelash extension trainer, esthetician, and owner of San Diego Eyelash Extensions. My mission is to help every woman I serve to feel confident, radiant, and empowered.

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, and are often the first things people notice about you. I’m passionate about creating custom lash designs that enhance your natural beauty and are uniquely yours. Each time I design a guest’s lashes, it thrills me to see her renewed confidence and joy in her appearance.

When we work together, I’ll consider every detail of your face, your eyes, and your individual style in order to choose a look that’s best for you. Lashes come in all shapes and sizes; my goal is to design your lashes to compliment your features and emphasize what you love about your eyes.

Creativity is in my blood, and I’ve always had a passion for all things beauty. I began my career as an esthetician and makeup artist, then fell in love with designing eyelashes. It’s the perfect merging of all my passions, and I pour my creativity into making each one of my guests feel beautiful.

I’m a two-time Global Lash Summit first-place winner in volume lashes (Long Beach, 2015) and classic eyelash extensions (Gilbert, Arizona, 2016). I am a featured contributor in Lash Masters: Volume 2, I hold a Master’s in Esthetics from Bellus Academy, and I received training in esthetics from JE Boutique School, Marissa Migueles Spa &; School, and Marinello School of Beauty. As a makeup artist, I have multiple film credits under my belt.

I take pride in my holistic approach to eyelash extensions, paying careful attention to lash health and proper application techniques. Some of my regular guests have been coming to me for eyelash extensions for 10 years with no breaks between applications. I’m dedicated to creating that same exceptional experience for you.


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Hear What Others Are Saying...

"Olga is crazy good at what she does. She customized my extensions to flatter my eye shape and updated me on my natural lash health (which is great and I've been wearing extensions for 6+ months straight!) I love her work and I love her!"  - Tara W.

"I love Olga Villarreal! She is an expert at making my eyelashes full and real looking. No one knows I have extensions, they think I am using Latisse." - Kristine Khorey M.

"I love having my lashes done by Olga she does an amazing job. I leave looking Lash Fabulous. Thank you Olga always " - Stephanie G.

"Olga was very nice. This was my first time getting eyelashes and she explained things well before she proceeded." - Jackie T.

"Olga is incredibly passionate about her work and it shows! Very meticulous and I know a great lash artist when I see one-Olga is the best of the best! Lucky to have found her!" - Taylor H.

"She is amazing! I highly recommend her. She takes great care in you and her work. I love Olga!!!!" -Pua

"Olga is the best at what she does! I won't go to anyone else for my eyelashes! I always know I'm in good hands with Olga and her flexibility with my schedule is greatly appreciated. I always get compliments on my eyelashes because of Olga's work! :)" - Charyssa G.

"First time getting lashes and Olga was great! Explained what she was going to do and was very professional." - Pat R.

"Olga is top-notch. I am always happy after seeing Olga because my eyelashes look beautiful, and I'm very picky and appreciate the high-quality and painless application of beautiful volume lashes that look better than natural lashes while still looking natural. Olga is a volume lash trainer and has won first place in a variety of competitions, and yet she keeps competing because she's a person that values continuous excellence and improvement. Most of all, Olga cares about quality and safety, she can help anyone who has had a poor eyelash application and correct any errors such as glued together eyelashes, or other issues that are caused by a lack of professionalism and training. I know that I will be hard-pressed to find anyone as qualified as Olga who is also a kind-hearted person. I would recommend Olga to any of my friends looking for high-quality safe eyelash extensions in San Diego." - Sara W.

"Olga Olga Olga! She's amazing at what she does! I've had eyelash extensions before but they never looked this good and this natural. I woke up the next morning so excited because I didn't have to wear a lick of makeup and being a mom of a Toddler...anything to cut down on my morning routine is a Godsend! Thank you Olga!" - Tara W.

"I have been going to Olga for almost one year now and am soooo glad that my aunt referred me to her. I had my first eyelash extension experience at a salon in Encinitas thanks to a groupon deal. While I loved the look of the extensions I didn't really appreciate how painful the process was because my eyes were stinging and watering. It remained that way for the rest of the day. When it came time to get a refill I didn't really want to go back. Thankfully, my aunt told me about Olga and I was able to make an appointment. I have been going to her every 3-4 weeks ever since.

I can't say enough good things about Olga and her business but I'm sure no one wants to read a novel so I'll hit the main points.

1. Olga takes her craft and her business seriously. She takes pride in being professional and offering quality service. She makes sure to use quality products and she makes sure that everything is clean and safe.

2. Communication and scheduling is so easy. Olga is quick to respond and really tries to work with your schedule. 99% of the time she is able to squeeze me in for an appt for the next day. This is huge deal considering that she can get pretty booked up because so many of her clients are loyal to her.

3. She is extremely skilled at what she does. I am constantly getting compliments on my lashes! The process is never painful and the glue doesn't make my eyes sting like at my first experience. She is so good at applying the lashes that I actually fall asleep most of the time....when we're not chatting of course! Which brings me to my final point....

4. Olga is super friendly and so nice! Going to my appointment is fun because she makes you feel so comfortable. She is personable with her clients and that adds so much to the experience.

Bottom line: Olga offers quality work and great customer service. Her prices might be a tiny bit higher than others but I personally feel like the prices are competitive. Plus, you get what you pay for and I think my eyelashes from Olga are totally worth it." - Darlene G.

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